Emily | Class of 2018 | Northville High School

Meet Emily, one of my Class of 2018 Senior Spokesmodels and my first senior destination shoot!  Interested in a destination session (why not have an amazing trip and photo experience all in one)?  Contact me HERE for more details on this opportunity!

Emily plans on pursuing stage management (a type of theatre production) in college, and Chicago is one of the national hubs for theatre culture. As you can plainly see in these photos, Chicago is where her heart is! Emily attends Northville High School and is very involved with the drama club and school news program, the Northville News Network. She was looking for a session that embodied not only who she had become, but where she was going as an artist.  

Her cool and casual style was perfect for the streets of Chicago. Emily wanted both a soft, outdoor images and the urban feel of the theatre district, and through the magic of Chicago (and a lot of walking) we were able to accomplish both! The necklace she chose to wear with one of her outfits once belonged to her grandfather, and she now wears it every day in his memory. It was wonderful to include something so important to her in these pictures. Emily chose me as her senior photographer because “The photos are simply so beautiful because every photo she takes is different based on who she is working with. Each image tells a story, and that’s what I was looking for in a senior photographer.”  More information about Christine's lifestyle, story-telling approach to senior portraits is posted here.

Samantha - Class of 2016- Northville Senior Photographer

You may have noticed I’ve been moving towards a style that suits more lifestyle senior sessions. This is my favorite approach because it really captures the personality and style of every senior without stiff poses and generic stylings. Samantha, the senior in this session, is graduating from Northville High School. She is an avid reader and lover of literature, so naturally, we picked a vintage bookstore for one of her locations. One of the best compliments I received from her mom was that the photos of her sitting and reading reminded her mom of when she was very little and always getting lost in a good book! As a fun aside, the image of Samantha leaning on the window also earned me 3rd place in the Design Aglow Senior Image Contest for 2015!

Samantha, who also goes by Sam, is a beautiful and talented young woman. She says her close friends would probably describe her as, “musical, creative and outspoken”, and dreams of one day becoming an editor or a graphic designer. Sam loves playing the cello, and of course, we incorporated that into her session...I loved the bright statement wall behind her. “In high school, I learned to be more confident”, she explained, “I moved here in my freshman year and felt alone, but I really love Northville now!”At her school, she is the editor for both yearbook and Cavalcade, NHS’s literary magazine. In her spare time, she also enjoys doodling, listening to music, and writing. Her personal style was so fun and had a wide variety of pieces that brought lots of life and personality to her session. Samantha says she chooses her outfits based on what she loves, rather than sticking to specific brands. In addition to her sweet spirit and great fashion sense, I also loved what she had to say about what she’s learned in high school, "When I was younger, I was really scared to form opinions, because I didn’t want people to judge me. I still don’t like being judged, but I’ve come to realize that fear of judgment doesn’t protect you from other people, it only limits yourself. Someone out there is always going to disagree with you, and it’s impossible to have an opinion that will make all parties happy. High school has taught me to be a lot more open minded, not only about controversial topics and politics, but also about how to approach problems. I’ve also come to understand that we never stop growing, and that no matter how mature I think I am there’s always ways to become better!"

Thanks, Samantha, for allowing me to capture your senior year! I know you will go on to do amazing things in your bright future. To book your own senior session, click here.