Glimpses: Week 27

Photos from a day at the beach last week!  I'm absolutely in love with the first image - my son's curls, his insanely thick and long eye lashes (why do boys always have the best lashes?) and the smile of pure joy on his face.  All with the sunlight reflecting and shimmering in the water....  Swoon.  Sometimes, I just wish I could stop time and live in these moments just a little bit longer!

And a color image of my beach baby for good measure.  Her eyes are too big and blue to not show in color!

Glimpses: Week 25

Last weekend Sophie performed in her second dance recital!  She had so much fun and is already talking about taking dance classes next year!  On the evening after her recital, we took the kids to a local carnival for even more excitement and fun.  It was such a wonderful summer day, and I especially love the photos of the kids at the carnival :)  

Some post-recital dancing on the deck in the backyard.  Glass doors make a great "mirror"!

Off to the races!

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Glimpses: Week 22

I'm quite a bit late in posting this Glimpses post, but here we go.... for the long Memorial Day weekend, we traveled to North Carolina to meet up with my mom's family and celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday!!    Before the big family get-together, we were able to take our kids over to my grandma's and share some very special time together.  This was the very first time Claire met her great-grandma, and I'm so excited to share a few of the photographs of our time together.  I especially love this first one!
And Sophie had a secret to share with great the reaction from my grandma (and my mom too)!

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