Glimpses: Week 1

Happy New Year!!  I hope your year is off to a wonderful start!  In an effort to better document the lives of my children in 2012, I've decided to try and capture my family more "in the moment," during everyday (and sometimes mundane) activities.  So, I've joined a project - Glimpses - the 52 Project - to keep me motivated and help provide me with an outlet to present the images I capture.  The project is hosted by Chic Critique Forum - a great forum for photographers to get honest critique from their peers. 
So, here's my photograph from week 1 -- "First Haircut."  Can you believe Graham is now 22 months old and never had a haircut?!?  I've been so attached to those adorable little curls that I couldn't bear to chop off even a little bit.  But the time had come -- he really was starting to look like a clown with long corkscrew curls projecting out of the side of his head.  He was perfect during the first cut - a little worried but no crying.  And now he looks so grown up - curls still intact :)