Emily | Class of 2018 | Northville High School

Meet Emily, one of my Class of 2018 Senior Spokesmodels and my first senior destination shoot!  Interested in a destination session (why not have an amazing trip and photo experience all in one)?  Contact me HERE for more details on this opportunity!

Emily plans on pursuing stage management (a type of theatre production) in college, and Chicago is one of the national hubs for theatre culture. As you can plainly see in these photos, Chicago is where her heart is! Emily attends Northville High School and is very involved with the drama club and school news program, the Northville News Network. She was looking for a session that embodied not only who she had become, but where she was going as an artist.  

Her cool and casual style was perfect for the streets of Chicago. Emily wanted both a soft, outdoor images and the urban feel of the theatre district, and through the magic of Chicago (and a lot of walking) we were able to accomplish both! The necklace she chose to wear with one of her outfits once belonged to her grandfather, and she now wears it every day in his memory. It was wonderful to include something so important to her in these pictures. Emily chose me as her senior photographer because “The photos are simply so beautiful because every photo she takes is different based on who she is working with. Each image tells a story, and that’s what I was looking for in a senior photographer.”  More information about Christine's lifestyle, story-telling approach to senior portraits is posted here.

Casey | Walled Lake Western High School | Class of 2017

"I love the natural beauty you bring out in your photos
without lots of editing or making the photos look fake.
I think you know how to bring out the best side
of someone in your photos”
-Casey, Class of 2017

This session was filled with lots of light, and was so carefree and lovely, just like the young lady in the photos. Meet Casey, another one of my senior spokesmodels for this year. She’s going to graduate as part of the Class of 2017 from Walled Lake Western High, and she wanted a session that was natural and fun. Casey is very involved at Walled Lake, and participates in competitive dance, the varsity pom team, and volunteer work in her community. In addition, she enjoys her challenging math and english classes, and spends her free time in the great outdoors when she has the time. “I love going on adventures and being with my friends”, she explained, “I love being in nature.” Because of her desire for natural light and the outdoors, we headed to a beautiful wooded area, and also a garden location. 

As you can tell, Casey has beautiful personal style that suits her personality. Some of her favorite pieces are high waist jeans, crop tops, and accents like lace...I was so glad she used some of these in her session wardrobe. They suited the carefree and bohemian style that she embodies, and that hair?! Amazing! We were also able to pay homage to her accomplishments in dance, and I loved that we documented her pointe shoes and those gorgeous poses. 

Are you wondering about what a senior session entails? I’ve posted some of the most pertinent information HERE, but I’d love to talk to you personally and answer your questions. Please contact me today!

Kailyn | Class of 2017 | Northville Senior Portraits

It was amazing to work with Kailyn, one of my Class of 2017 Senior Models...I feel really lucky that this intelligent, sweet, and beautiful girl is part of my team this year. When I met her, I knew that her session would warrant an editorial, urban feel, and it was so amazing to put it together with her. Her images tell a real story; you see the environment, the setting, the architecture, and Kailyn blends right in so seamlessly. She chose me as her senior photographer because the photos were “natural looking and reflect the personality of the models”, and she had a distinct vision for her industrial and urban locations and poses. We explored different parts of Detroit to get the right hipster vibe, including the library and some buildings with unique architecture. The leather journal she’s holding is something very dear to her, and I loved that we were able to include it. 

When I asked how she would describe her personality, Kailyn says, “I would say I am compassionate, loyal, fun-loving, and mature. I love to read poetry books, and listen to The Lumineers, James Bay, and the Hamilton soundtrack”. I had a wonderful time documenting this amazing time in her life, and think these images truly represent who she is, and the things she’s passionate about. 

If you’re ready to book your own session, and tell YOUR story, contact me HERE!

Clara | Class of 2016 | Northville Senior Portraits


This might have been my most windy session ever, but Clara was a total pro! This gorgeous senior handled everything with such grace and calm, considering how windy it actually was. A 2016 graduate of Walled Lake Northern High School, Clara is an accomplished softball player, and shares my love of photography. “If I had to describe myself, I would say I am fun and silly, a country girl, and I love the beach and ocean! I also love summer and being outside, and love dressing up”, she explained, “I love sundresses and boots.” Her white sundress was just right for a little frolic in the field! 

Clara had a great sense of her personal style, and told me she enjoys shopping at places like Charlotte Russe and Hollister. She requested a country session with some rustic charm, and so I scouted for the perfect barns, fields, and water areas. We settled on the Maybury State Park, and the The Barn Antiques in Northville. I loved her relaxed personality and how natural she was in front of the camera. A little wind (maybe not as much as we had!) actually helps create fun and natural photographs because of the beautiful movement. Thanks, Clara, for letting me be your senior photographer...I know the future ahead of you is bright!


Prom Mini Sessions | Plymouth Senior Photographer

In May, I was able to photograph a few of my beautiful senior models in their prom dresses...it was the perfect bookend to their senior year. The girls met me in downtown Plymouth, where they twirled and posed, showing off their truly stunning gowns. I loved the trends in formal dresses this year; the intricate beading, dramatic open backs, and the elegant side slits. They also picked dresses that showed their individual personalities, from elegant neutrals to bold cobalt and red, they all were radiant. 

Photographing formal and semi-formal wear is one of my favorite things. There are details and movement that can be captured far beyond what can be done with regular street clothes! It also gives these seniors a second chance to wear such lovely pieces. Why would you want to only wear it for one night?! If you have a prom, party, or homecoming dress (or simply have a lovely gown languishing in the closet), please bring it to your senior session! Additionally, please let me know if you have questions about professional hair and makeup, which is available for my clients. It can really add the final touch and extra polish to your session!